The Top 3 Apps You Need to Save Money

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Get rid of the calculator and reams of paper, your new budgeting best friend fits squarely in your pocket. Financial apps are increasingly popular and that’s for good reason. Convenient, available on the go and self-updating, it makes sense to take advantage of the incredible benefits money/budget apps offer. Here are our top 3 apps that will help you keep an eye on your money, track your expenses and (hopefully) help you save money.


For all things Australian tax-related, look no further than the Australian Taxation Office’s app. Lodge and track your tax return, and stay on top of your business costs with the expense and deduction tracker.

In order to use the online services, it’s imperative that you link a myGov account to the ATO.


  • Use the app to lodge and track your tax return.
  • Record and track your deductions such as car trips and other expenses.
  • Access a number of ATO tools and calculators.
  • Upload data easily from the app to the ATO.

Cost: Free
Available through: Apple App and Google Play stores


As your parents always said, money doesn’t grow on trees. However, that doesn’t mean your own money management can’t bear fruit. Stay on top of every aspect of your financials from banking to bitcoin with this incredible tracking app. All of the facts and figures are analysed to offer you the best advice for what you need to do to increase your savings. Additionally, for the shoppers amongst us, you can also keep track of your loyalty programs like Frequent Flyer points or MYER One. Handy!


  • Links your bank accounts, credit and debit cards, digital money and cash spending
  • Analyses every detail of your spending down to the specific time, date and place
  • Work expenses tracker that can be exported into a spreadsheet
  • Colourful and easy to understand graphs that track your financial situation

Cost: Free
Available through: Apple App and Google Play stores

TrackMySPEND by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Rather than cram more receipts into your pockets, so you can remember to pop them into a spreadsheet later on at some point, keep track of your expenses with this MoneySmart app. You can even download clear and concise summaries of your spending habits, so you can pat yourself on the back when it looks good and identify problem areas when you need to.

  • Control your spending by using the tracking bar to check your disposable income against your budget.
  • Set up a “favourites” module for your more habitual transactions.
  • View your expense history.
  • Backup all your financial information for free.
  • Export your financial information to CSV (Excel).
  • TrackMySPEND can be used interchangeably on any compatible device.

The money-saving app is designed to help you set and stick to a realistic spending goal. TrackMySPEND can help you save through the use of savings categories which help distinguish between “needs” and “wants”.

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Banking Apps

In general, it’s worth checking which apps your bank offers too. In addition to the usual transfer/account management apps, most banks have budget or financial advice apps too. Features include plans to help you track your budget, set savings goals and manage your finances with calculators and tools. Here are some of the banks with mobile apps that can help you get closer to your savings goals. Compare their rates and find how much you can save using the calculator below.

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