Coaching and Mentoring

Accelerate Your Success. We partner with businesses to help them accelerate growth. As a sounding board and informative resource, Accumulus will hold you to your business commitments and be your steadfast motivators.

Let us join you in your business journey and help you achieve your goals.

Planning and Development

Many business owners find it challenging to create an effective business plan. It’s often difficult to know where to start. However, business planning is essential to know how to grow the business. Another situation where business planning is critical is if you are considering selling your business.

How do you present your business in a favourable light? Inaccurate or missing historical financial information and unclear assumptions toward future projections make it challenging to determine the real value of the business. This leads to making it difficult for business brokers to finalise the sale of the business. That’s why we’ve developed a program that will help business owners outline their goals and make the right steps to achieve them.

1-1 Coaching and Leadership

Coaching, mentoring and leadership development empowers people, unlocks potential, and creates a dynamic culture of focused achievers who are playing big. As a mentor, Accumulus are supporting ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs who are eager to play a big game. We work with people who think big and are creating diverse careers and innovative businesses.

Our mentoring approach focuses on building confident, courageous and resilient leaders. So leaders who are both decisive and determined to lead with passion and purpose. We help clients define their core values, focusing on their goals. While becoming capable, productive leaders.

Providing Cars to Employees
The provision of company cars to employees is a regular practice across the Australian business landscape.
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Business Coaching and Advisory
Natasha Morgan: Rhubarb Bookkeeping
Sole operator
Peace of Mind - Custom Advice and Support
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