Our extended solution

By hiring a virtual CFO, you can enjoy the attention to detail and specialised focus of an in-house CFO – without the price tag. Accumulus worked with Polyweld to restructure and streamline their everyday processes.

With less time spent on the little things, Polyweld can tackle the bigger picture more effectively than ever.

From the client

In May 2017, we transitioned our day to day accounting to Accumulus Advisory to provide us with an external CFO function. Previously, we had managed our accounts in-house and financial information was, at best, approximate.

Since Accumulus has managed our day to day and end of year accounting, our business has been transformed. We now have up to date information, which can be relied upon to be accurate, and know exactly how we are doing financially at any given time. The cost of this service is comparable to the cost of our previous accounting processes.

Accumulus is responsive to our needs and our day-to-day contact is approachable, reliable and accurate. We would highly recommend this service to other businesses.