Our extended solution
  • Streamlining accounting processes by moving to cloud-based software
  • Faster updates and consistent reporting helped Bradmac Airconditioning manage their business with more efficiency
  • Seamless integration of new framework and processes with existing best practices
From the client

Bradmac Airconditioning recently changed our accounting software from a conventional offline system to Xero a cloud-based system.  At first, we had doubts about online security and moving from one platform to another but after extensive research and consultation with our accounting firm Accumulus Advisory the decision was easy.

Our business has an extensive database of customers, suppliers and contractors all of which are managed through a scheduling system named Simpro.  With this in mind, we needed an accounting system that would integrate and collaborate with our scheduling system in real-time but we also needed to transfer all historical records across onto the new platform without loss of essential data, in particular, payroll.

Initially, we spoke with our existing accounting software firm but found that synchronising data between two platforms was unstable and had no guarantee that all metadata would transfer in fact, we were only assured of two previous years of information.  We had large files and all of them needed to be imported or we would not change systems.

Accumulus Advisory managed the entire project by mirroring our data, and successfully transfer all vital data across to Xero in real-time with virtually no effect on the day to day running of the business or loss of client information.  Today, we can generate reports on cash flow, balance sheets etc from the office or offline and have also managed to save thousands of dollars in duplication manual tasks.