Our extended solution

Bookkeeping is fundamental to the success and growth of any business. Accurate records and avoiding silly errors with your books is the best way to keep your finances up to date and ATO-friendly. Accumulus supports clients like Jindi Woraback Children’s Centre by taking the time-consuming tasks off the table so more focus can go to the important things!

From the client

We can highly recommend Accumulus Advisory to look after all your business financial needs. Prior to joining Accumulus Advisory, we were using archaic and outdated, laborious systems to manage our money side of the business, this meant from a financial perspective we did not know from minute to minute and day to day how our finances were tracking, leaving management to make guesses. This is not an ideal way to operate a multi-million dollar business.

We approached Accumulus Advisory for some financial assistance due to the stresses of the day to day financial worries and the enormous amount of time we were spending on figures and numbers when we should have been focusing on the real purpose of the business and that is to care for and educate children. Immediately we felt relief as Accumulus took over the laborious task of payroll, superannuation, tax accountabilities and the end of month accounts. They do all the leg work and have taken over the often stressful burden of paperwork, which is time-consuming, they turned our balance sheet from the red into the black and is looking more successful and viable than ever.