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Clients Testimonials

  • Our first contact with Accumulus Advisory occurred shortly after we acquired ownership of William Street Clinic, a well-established medical practice located in the legal heart of the Melbourne CBD. We recognised that our limited experience in running a small business required the guidance of professional accounting services as we embarked on this new venture.Accumulus Advisory already had a long association with the clinic as they were the accounting firm for the medical practitioners from whom we purchased the practice. After meeting with Graeme and his skilled staff, we made a sensible decision to engage the expert services of Accumulus. That was the start of an invaluable professional relationship and we've never looked back. Graeme and his team have provided the most professional and friendly service one could ever expect in a business relationship. No matter what the issue or query, we have always received timely and expert assistance.Further to that, we receive genuine support for our business to grow and succeed and there is always a willingness by Graeme to discuss other aspects of managing our business, such as marketing and future planning, for which we are most grateful.We are so pleased to have engaged Graeme and his team at Accumulus Advisory. We have not only an experienced and well respected accountant, we have gained a trusted business adviser.
    Allan & Paula Davey
    William Street Clinic
  • Accumulus Advisory Testimonials - Polyweld
    In May 2017, we transitioned our day to day accounting to Accumulus Advisory to provide us with an external CFO function. Previously, we had managed our accounts in-house and financial information was, at best, approximate. Since Accumulus has managed our day to day and end of year accounting, our business has been transformed. We now have up to date information, which can be relied upon to be accurate, and know exactly how we are doing financially at any given time. The cost of this service is comparable to the cost of our previous accounting processes. Accumulus is responsive to our needs and our day-to-day contact is approachable, reliable and accurate. We would highly recommend this service to other businesses.
  • We can highly recommend Accumulus Advisory to look after all your business financial needs. Prior to joining Accumulus Advisory we were using archaic and out dated, laborious systems to manage our money side of the business, this meant from a financial perspective we did not know from minute to minute and day to day how our finances were tracking, leaving management to make guesses. This is not an ideal way to operate a mutli-million dollar business. We approached Luke from Accumulus Advisory for some financial assistance due to the stresses of the day to day financial worries and the enormous amount of time we were spending on figures and numbers, when we should have been focusing on the real purpose of the business and that is to care for and educate children. Immediately we felt relief as Luke took over the laborious task of payroll, superannuation, tax accountabilities and the end of month accounts. Luke and his team do all the leg work and have taken over the often stressful burden of paper work, which is time consuming, they turned our balance sheet from the red into the black and is looking more successful and viable than ever. I trust and recommend Accumuls Advisory to take care of our business so we can take care of the children and families, which our real purpose. What sets Accumulus apart from other financial services we have used in the past is the continual support and knowledge they have provided, always with our best interests at heart, and we no longer spend hours and days on end data entering, Accumulus Advisory does all that for us. Simply upload your details into Xero and leave it to Luke!!!
    Michelle Walker
    Jindi Woraback Children’s Centre
  • Accumulus Advisory - West Side Building Surveying Pty Ltd Logo on Site
    West Side Building Surveying Pty Ltd is a company of private building surveyors and inspectors who have been operating since January 2002. After some less than satisfactory experiences with another accountancy firm, I was recommended to approach Graeme Harris. Since that time Graeme has worked hard to understand our business, provide key advice and guidance, and kept us abreast of new developments that impact on us. Graeme has always had the best interests of this firm in mind. Graeme and the team at Accumulus Advisory are always extremely easy to work with, have delivered what we were after in the timeframe required and at a more than competitive price. In light of the above, I have never hesitated in recommending Graeme and the team at Accumulus Advisory to any of my clients wanting a professional, value for money accountancy firm that will take a personal interest in the successful running of their business. Please do not hesitate to contact me on (03) 9742 3432 if you have any queries or require any further information
    Rocco Di Raco
    West Side Building Surveying Pty Ltd
  • When I decided 2 and a half years ago, to take the plunge and open up my own business, I was so naïve about the pitfalls involved with the actual financial side of things. All I knew was that I was really good at what I did, and if I worked hard, the money would look after itself. How wrong I was. Fortunately for me, though, I had Accumulus as my accountants. Business took off - slowly at first, and then, exponentially. I can’t even imagine what a mess I would now be in, if I did not have them from the start to guide me through the minefield that is a small business startup. Their first move was to concentrate on building a strong personal relationship with me, and then my business. Graeme and Paul listened to what I wanted to achieve and then laid down strategies to guide my business to financial success. So what sets Accumulus apart?
    1. They respond promptly. It’s like having a CFO in the office, ready to answer any query.
    2. They use all the latest accounting tools. At any moment of the day, as problems arise, I can get live, accurate business reporting.
    3. They are setting in place long term strategies and care about my success moving forward.
    4. They give me back precious time to spend with the family.
    I know I will never fully understand the financial requirements behind the scenes of running a small business. I don’t need to. Accumulus does.
    Michelle Coffey
    Truth Agency
  • Owning a business is relentless, there is always something to think about and so many things that keep you awake at night. But the things that I never have to worry about, the things that never keep me awake, are all the things Accumulus takes care of, which is many! The burden of those things is not there, things that I don't need to worry about. Accumulus is like finding the impossibly perfect employee; reliable, punctual, honest, do what they say they will do, full of wisdom and fight and care for your business as much as you do. Luke Sutton and the Accumulus team lighten the load so you are free to concentrate on everything else.
    Sophia Taylor
    Do Ability
  • Accumulus Advisory - Ian Potter Foundation - Craig Connelly Leadership
    Luke Sutton at Accumulus Advisory introduced me to Xero, and I couldn’t be happier that he did! Luke really sold the benefits of Xero to me, and his sales pitch has proven to be spot on. What a great product. Luke has then helped me on numerous occasions to use Xero, and I have been so impressed by the quality of his service, his attention to detail and the care he has taken to ensure my businesses were getting maximum benefit as a result of using Xero. I have recently assumed the role as CEO of a major philanthropic foundation, and used Accumulus Advisory to transition many entities from Quickbooks to Xero. And I now have another Xero convert – my new Finance Manager, who has also been assisted by Luke and the team at Accumulus Advisory!
  • Accumulus Advisory Testimonials - Arrow Smash Repairs
    When we first decided that we wanted to open our own business we did not know where to start. We look back now and think how lucky we were that someone suggested we get in touch with Graeme Harris and Fred Pane at Accumulus. We first looked at purchasing an existing business and were so glad we trusted the advice the team at Accumulus provided. We took their advice and built our own business from scratch. Accumulus put us in touch with everyone from lawyers to help us with leasing a property, finance brokers, insurance brokers and also set us up with the most up-to-date accounting software. Accumulus feels like an extension of our business. We trust their advice. They are only ever an email or a phone call away. They take the stress out of running a business which allows us to focus on running a profitable business. We love that they are local, that they refer us to other local businesses and that they refer business to us as well!!!
    Michael and Katrina
    Arrow Smash Repairs
  • This is my first year with Accumulus Advisory, I have found them to be committed to customer service, supportive and knowledgeable. I am also extremely happy with the personalised quality service they provide. Accumulus Advisory provide a high level of care with thoughtful attention to my current needs. Even though I am a small business, the personalised service is still at a high standard. I have peace of mind that my current situation is being dealt with, things are explained to me to minimise confusion and complexity. What sets Accumulus Advisory apart from their competitors is their thoughtful attention, quality of service and always receiving a quick reply to any correspondence I send through.
    Natasha Morgan
    Rhubarb Bookkeeping
  • Accumulus Advisory Testimonials - Mimosa Homes
    I have been using the services of Accumulus and have long term relationship with the team. In all dealings, they are most professional and helpful. From your first contact with the team at reception they are always friendly and willing to accommodate all your requests. From the smallest of questions to involved discussions they will provide you with up to date and informative results. They respond to all requests in a timely manner, and ensure that you understand what has been provided. I would be happy to recommend their services and staff.
    Myrella Radford
    Mimosa Homes

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